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Holiday Giving

Holiday Giving

Before having children the holidays were never really that big of a deal to me. It was always nice to have those few days that our family got together to celebrate and I loved trying to find that perfect gift for them but holiday cheer and activities were never high on my priority list. However since having Elsie, ever year I want to do more and more to celebrate and give her, and now Linden, that sense of wonder and amazement that I remember having as a child. Now that Elsie is old enough to start understanding Christmas, I also want her to learn the true holiday spirit of kindness and giving and have found the perfect thing for her, and all children!

Head on over to Emily Ley to purchase this awesome Random Acts of Kindness printable advent calendar. You get 25 RAK activities that can be done each day leading up to Christmas as well as 25 cards to hand out to your lucky recipients. It’s a great way to get your yourself and your kids involved in your community and spread some holiday cheer! And the best part about this advent calendar is that all proceeds are donated to the Cystinosis Research Foundation where 100% of donations go to funding research towards Elsie’s (and everyone else with cystinosis) future.

Check out Emily’s blog to learn why she chose to get start this amazing fundraiser for cystinosis.

Today Is a Miracle

If you’re looking for a Christmas present that also does some good in this world please also check out the shop Today is a Miracle. Started by Tahnie over at A Happy Girl to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her kidney transplant, $5 of every purchase is also donated to cystinosis research as Tahnie herself thrives and lives passionately while she brings cystinosis along for the ride. “Today is a Miracle” has become a phrase that resonates with so many people from all backgrounds and walks of life, whether they be health related or spiritually related struggles, I think everyone would benefit from the reminder.

As of late “Today is a Miracle” has become a reminder for me to stay in the moment and be grateful for my beautiful babies, as I struggle to find my place in motherhood and the challenges that parenting two children entails. When you’re home with them day in and day out its easy to get caught up in the everyday hardships of toddler tantrums, a baby that needs you for everything and just trying to keep these two little beings entertained and alive! I’m grateful to have a nice, comfy shirt that I can throw on and be reminded that despite everything I have two children that I love more than anything and who love me back and so much to be thankful for!

These are just a couple ideas on how you can also bring some thoughtful giving into your own holiday season and no matter where you are or how you celebrate I hope that everyone has some truly loving and wonderful holidays!

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