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Preventative Bed Wetting Measures

Almost every person with cystinosis also has Fanconi's Syndrome (early diagnosis helps!), which causes, among other things, excessive urination. There's a great diagram in Jessica Jondle's book Roller Skating with Rickets (originally appeared in the Parent's Guide to Cystinosis) that depicts the kidneys as big water jugs missing a valve, where the cystinosis jugs are constantly emptying no matter… Continue reading Preventative Bed Wetting Measures

Early Years

Genetic Testing

I'm slowly learning that just about everything related to a rare disease is more complicated than it should be, certainly more complicated than it would be if Elsie had a more common disease. Mostly it's been the struggles we had with getting her medications and coverage approval from our insurance company that caused the most… Continue reading Genetic Testing

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Roller Skating with Rickets

Recently I finished reading the excellent book Roller Skating with Rickets by Jessica Jondle, a woman in her thirties living with cystinosis. It recounts her life with the disease, her struggles, many accomplishments and unwavering determination to not let cystinosis define who she is or what she can do. As soon as I heard about this book… Continue reading Roller Skating with Rickets

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Step Up

This Mother's Day we wanted to do something really special for Elsie's grandmas because they have been two of the most amazingly supportive, understanding and loving women not only throughout Dave and I's lives but also through this period of transition as we adjust to life with cystinosis. Although a gift can never really honour… Continue reading Step Up

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The Importance of a Second Opinion

After the whole NG tube business I had written an email to our renal clinic nurse saying that we were sick of not being listened to and in the future we needed to be better informed about why these decisions were being made. After some back and forth between us we had sorted everything out.… Continue reading The Importance of a Second Opinion