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It’s Alright

First off I am so, so sorry that it’s been over a year and a half since I last posted anything! I had all these plans for regular updates but then I went back to work full time and with parenting two children and general life things this fell by the wayside and I’m sorry for that.

A lot’s happened since my last post and there was lots I wanted to write about, like Elsie starting kindergarten, being hospitalized for 5 days when she caught the flu, fighting with her doctors to redo a blood test, dealing with her separation anxiety at school and other things that have been going on but right now there’s something that I just have to share because I am so damn proud of my little girl.

Elsie’s a huge lover of music, has been since she was itty bitty and dancing to this jazzy Santa figurine we have. And one of the first bands Elsie ever liked was Mother Mother. I have video of her dancing to Baby Don’t Dance in her bedroom like a maniac when she was about a year and half old and it’s still one of my favourite things ever. Back in December the band held an open casting call asking their fans to share their stories of hardship, grief, or guilt because they were doing a video for their beautiful song, It’s Alright. Elsie heard about it and immediately wanted me to send in her own story. So I did and at the beginning of the year I got an email saying they wanted Elsie to be a part of the video!

Then my girl did an extremely brave thing. She got in front of a camera, in a room full of people she didn’t know and sang along to the song. At first she was really shy (and I don’t blame her one tiny bit) but everyone was really nice and helped put her at ease. After a couple takes she started coming out of her shell and I felt so privileged to be there to witness it. She’s had to deal with more than anybody, let alone a 6-year-old should have to deal with but more often than not she’s joyful and smiling and a huge inspiration to our family.

On Wednesday they premiered the video and here it is!!

The message of acceptance in this video is so powerful and you can tell from the comments that it’s touched a lot of people, myself included. Everyone in this video has experienced some sort of adversity but they’re still here and they’re still trying. The pleased little smile Elsie gets on her face whenever she’s sees herself in a real music video is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I just could not be more proud.

The band is even featuring some of the stories from these brave people on their instagram and you should definitely check it out because Elsie’s story is still to come!

Hopefully I’ll get back on to blogging regularly but until then have a few behind the scene pics of just how awesome my girl is ❤

Behind the scenes

Update: They posted her story here!

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